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Orion UI kit - is a Figma library with 50+ full-width charts templates served in light & dark themes. Contains 200+ of dataviz widgets that look perfect on desktop & mobile screens. Organized as a design system for Figma and supported with 2500+ components based on auto-layout.

Hyper Charts includes over 1000 of editable graphs in blocks, making it easy to create stunning and professional-looking visualizations for any project. The graphs are fully customizable, so you can change the colors, fonts, and styles to match your brand or project theme. The kit also includes a variety of chart types, so you can find the ideal graph to match your data.

Eclipse UI kit - 1100+ variants of 80 components served as Figma dashboard library for data-driven web applications. Powered by auto-layout. Supercharged by Figma's variants. Eclipse UI kit is easy to customize. Contains 74 detailed desktop & mobile templates for a quick start. This well-organized library either helps to learn Figma and take your UI design skill to the next level!

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Made for Designers

Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, icons and modules along with every new project started. Use our products to accomplish your tasks faster


Our Figma libraries will let you dip into the design process, learn or enhance prototyping skills. Jump into the design process, where you only need to drag and fit a fine component

Organizations & Teams

Our every design system is ready to be published for team purposes and provides an opportunity to quickstart massive prototyping immediately

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Aurora Bundle ✦ Orion + Eclipse + Hyper ✦ Save 30%

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