Eclipse UI kit for Figma - desktop & mobile dashboard templates

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Eclipse UI kit for Figma - desktop & mobile dashboard templates

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1100+ variants of 80 components served as Figma dashboard library for data-driven web applications. Powered by auto-layout. Supercharged by Figma's variants. Eclipse UI kit is easy to customize. Contains 74 detailed desktop & mobile templates for a quick start. This well-organized library either helps to learn Figma and take your UI design skill to the next level!

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Product highlights

  • 80 components fully loaded with 1100+ variants, auto-layout, global text & color styles. Hi-end customizable design system
  • 70+ dashboard templates for desktop & mobile to quickstart your design mission with reusable web app layouts collection
  • 10+ categories - Kanban, Analytics, Crypto, Banking, Budget manager, Task tracker, Streaming, Video service, Investments and more
  • Dark & light themes to build faster serious web apps and attractive dashboards where is the data matters most

Designers, skip creating from scratch those boring web elements along with every dashboard. Use these templates to concentrate on important things, not on pixel routine

Developers, this design library allows you to learn or enhance web design skills. Jump into a process, where you only need to drag and fit a block to build good-looking pages

Managers & Owners, these templates are ready to be published for teams and provide an opportunity to quickstart massive prototyping immediately

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